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When we talk about what it means to work at Infoplus, our people, and our culture, it comes down to our mission statement of "being a company James and Darin (our two co founders) want to be at every day." What that means is that we are intentionally creating a Product-First company focused on building great software, surrounded with the Right People in the Right Seats that share our Core Values and Commitments.

Our goal is to build a Great Company; and the recipe for Great Company is simple.  Get the Right People in the Right Seats and align them all to a common mission and then get out of the way and help them all execute.  

And it all starts and ends with our People. We’re interested in the Right People (and yes, it’s meant to be capitalized). For us, a Right Person is someone who matches our Core Values, works towards sharing our Core Commitments, and has the right skills and experience.

So what are our Core Values and Commitments and what do they mean to us? It’s important to note here that we don’t believe that these Core Values are Right or Wrong - they are just simply ours at Infoplus.

Our Core Values:
  1. Focus on Customers Success - We are laser focused on making our clients successful long term through great Product, Training, Materials, and Support. Not through effort-based systems, or short term fixes.
  2. Do What It Takes - Knowing that any given time, you are doing the right thing. Even when you know it's harder, even when you know no one is watching. 
  3. Results - Reaching the objective in front of us is what matters and climbing every hurdle along that path is a necessity. Don’t get stuck in the muck. 
  4. Continuous Improvement - We never let "the best" become a deterrent to "the better". There are no magic bullets - there are only a thousand led bullets that over time change the way we do things.
  5. Positivity and Optimism - This isn’t rose colored glasses and always being happy. This is attacking every situation with the understanding that the path forward is completely in our control.

Our Core Commitments:
  1. Radical Responsibility - Acknowledging there is ever only 100% responsibility you can take, no more and no less. You consciously choose to remove the past, the blame, the why - and choose to focus on where you are right now, and how to move forward. 
  2. Listening to Learn - Turning off your internal dialogue, the little voice inside your head, and truly listening to every person and hearing what they have to say. Not just waiting your turn to say your part. No trying to be right - no repeating your position. 

So if we have the Right Person, we make sure they are in the Right Seat (also meant to be capitalized). This Right Seat is a seat in which the day-to-day tasks are in your Zone of Genius - the things you are better at than anyone else, and that give you energy. 

All of these things create the company, the culture, and what it means to work at Infoplus. It creates a company that not only James and Darin want to be at every day - but every single employee.



People Process

A quarterly process with three meetings completely dedicated to retaining healthy and happy employees focused on their employee health, their career progression, and being heard.

Professional Development

This is a foundational pillar at Infoplus. Every employee is supported to level up every 18-30 months through additional skills or responsibility. They rewarded through both title and pay increases.

Work From Anywhere

We don’t confine the energy of our team to an office. As a completely remote company, we let our employees work from wherever they choose but stay connected through several digital outlets.

Unlimited PTO

We have a core value of Results which plays well into balancing work and home. Work should only be a third of your life -- turning it off and being present in the other two-thirds of your life is just as important and value-adding as your job.

Competitive Benefits Package

We create an exceptional work-life balance through our excellent benefits. It’s all here: Unlimited PTO, 401K, Health, Dental, Vision, Life, etc. We want to support you as a human, inside and outside of work.

Paid Holidays

We have 10 paid holidays each year to support a healthy cultural and family life. We know that time off to spend with the ones you love without worrying about PTO, or other leave is important.

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